Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Winter Chill

Century Heating Wood Stove, 40,000 BTU, EPA-Certified, Model# CB00007 Recently my brother has started looking for a home.  One factor that always comes in to play is utilities such as electric, cable, water, and heat.  Heating home can be a scary thing especially for those who live in the north, and watch their windows freeze or temp drop into the teens.  
      This year my dad decided to turn the oil heater down to 58 degrees and try to heat up the house with the fireplace once and a while, but that didn't really do much for the home.  However wood burning does seem to becoming more and more popular now.  My brother is convince that he needs to find a wooded lot, so he can use a wood stove in the basement and heat up his home.  From what I have heard, they actually work quite well.  Though they have their downfalls.  If you don't do the labor yourself then your stuck paying for the cords of wood, which can be pricey 200$ or more.  However if you have some nice burning trees in your back yard and a little time on your hands, you can be paying no money for heating your home all winter long.   
      Other options may be turning to wind mills, and solar panels to supply electric to the home and using a electric furnace.  Some people use gas, which is a costly way as well.  Though another way could be using a fireplace insert which you burn would in, but the system includes fans as well to blow the heat out into the room.  This could be a better alternative to adding the extra heat to your home without using oil.  when you leave for vacation you still have your oil heater to keep the home above freezing.  There are ideas out there but they all have their ups and downs...
     Leave a comment below if you have any opinions on heating homes..

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